Screw conveyors, also called auger or helix conveyors, use a helical shaft rotating within a trough or tube. As the screw rotates, the flights push materials through the tube. They can be designed to provide horizontal, and inclined travel paths.

Screw conveyors are commonly used in agriculture for handling grain, in food processing plants to move dry ingredients, and in wastewater treatment plans for handling grit and dewatered sludges.

The trough of a screw conveyor houses the conveyor screw and supports the bulk material during transportation. The U-shaped trough is the most common and versatile type of screw conveyor trough.

See attached photos below for some of our work on rolled 1/2″ thick MS U-shaped troughs.

Did you know that the first screw conveyor was the Archimedes screw, which was developed around 250 B.C.?