Embracing technology is a challenge before all business owners. We ask ourselves the questions:

* Is now the right time?

* Will the cost be recouped in profitable work?

* Does this align with our strategic plan?

* Is there a cost to backing away from this opportunity?

We’ve tried to be strategic with our equipment purchases and yearly we forecast needs and opportunities for the near future.

Our purchase for this year (2023) is a new 5-axis high-definition plasma table with state of the art beveling capability and to be installed in early October. 

The first cut part with a 45 degrees bevel

The machine consists of a 6’x12’ table with the capacity of cutting up to 1.5” thick material and with the feature of 50-degree compound beveling.

We’re anticipating that this will enhance our supply ability, shorten deliveries for time sensitive items, and open opportunities to supply high quality services to our customers. 

We are now ready to offer our new high def plasma cutting service to our customers, give us a call at 306-244-1133.