Smokehouse Racks

Stainless steel smoke racks for local meat processor

These racks need to withstand not only the heat of repeated cleaning but the corrosive elements of the meat smoking process itself.  Over time the safety requirements of the smoke racks have changed, requiring softened edges and elimination of corners to reduce the risk of injuries in loading/unloading, and handling of these carts.  We worked with the client to adjust the design and come up with an improved version with a focus on safety and functionality.


In addition to safety and smokehouse functionality, these carts also need to be designed and fabricated to food-safe standards keeping in mind, ease of cleaning between processes.


We’ve been pleased to provide these services and products to this growing Saskatoon company.


Through collaboration with our customer, developed an improved design, focussing on safety and functionality in the final product.


The smoke racks need to meet safety requirements, and this means a well-finished cleanup should be done after fabrication. Softened edges and the elimination of sharp corners would reduce the risk of injury to workers.


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