Heavy Collars for Oil and Gas Industry

An Alberta oil and gas supply company contacted us to form and bevel 2” thick ½ collars for a pipeline anchoring project with an extremely short supply deadline that could not afford any delivery date slippage.

The tight inner diameter of these collars meant that very few fabricators would have the capacity for this forming.  We were able to achieve all the requested sizes and tolerances.


We coordinated extra shifts through a holiday break to facilitate early shipment of parts in advance of the customer’s deadline.


We provided these collars with tight diameters that very few fabricators would have the capacity to form.

Plate Rolling

We are able to form heavy collars with tight diameters.

Press Braking

We have a wide range of tooling capabilities.

Industry Experience

Atlas Industries is pleased to provide fabrication services to a number of oil and gas suppliers.


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