Oil & Gas

Through our expansive and adaptive metal fabrication capabilities, we have been consistently providing the oil and gas industry with a wide variety of steel profiles since 1974.

Oil & Gas

Through our expansive and adaptive metal fabrication capabilities, we have been consistently providing the oil and gas industry with a wide variety of steel profiles since 1974.

Custom Metal Manufacturing for the Oil & Gas Industry

Steel Fabrication Services

We pride ourselves on being the one-stop partner for heavy-duty steel fabrication solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our in-house expertise enables us to provide high-quality, precise parts that can be customized to each project while still maintaining reasonable rates. We understand the critical nature of the parts required for pipelines, platforms and processing equipment, which is why we provide reliable service that is on schedule and on budget.

Our heavy-duty metal fabrication capabilities enable us to provide the structural steel parts required by each project, including storage tanks, staircases, beams and more. Our in-house boring, turning and burning capabilities combined with our wide stocking range of structural shapes mean we can work on multiple projects simultaneously, providing fast turnaround times that adhere to strict project schedules.

From design through transport, customers know they can rely on receiving consistent communication throughout their project. Our in-house expertise, high quality parts, and on-site visits by our experts allow us to provide our customers with customized solutions they can feel confident in. Our in-house heavy forming abilities means we can fabricate precise parts while meeting project deadlines and staying on budget.

Heavy-Duty Metal Fabrication Services

Problem Solving that Keeps Your Project Running Smoothly

A prominent supplier of tank construction, Canadian Tank and Vessel requires on-time deliveries, fast turnaround times and high-quality products. We’re proud to be a continued, trusted partner of Canadian Tank Vessel for custom fabrication services.

We create long-term relationships with our clients by providing superior customer service, fabricating quality components, and meeting tight deadlines. Our-in house rolling, forming, cutting, and breaking capabilities all contribute to our on-time deliveries of needed components.

“A few years ago, I was commissioned for a large outdoor sculpture. I approached Atlas to see if they could form a radius on some large diameter pipe. It was clear to me that the team at Atlas had worked with artists before. They were very accommodating and professional; I was able to work directly with the fabricators to accomplish the aesthetic that I wanted. I was very happy with the result; they were a great company to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back."
“Atlas Industries has been a valuable partner in designing and fabricating innovative solutions. By providing OEM alternative solutions they have helped us avoid down time and manage our costs. They have consistently delivered ahead of schedule.”
Director of Operations
Shercom Industries
"Atlas Industries attention to detail, customer communication and expertise in plate rolling, pipe rolling and specialty forming has complimented our processes on a number of challenging projects over the last 30 years. Quality workmanship, on time deliveries and willingness to accommodate tight schedules has forged an excellent working relationship between our organizations and make Atlas Industries a valuable industry partner for Deca Industries."
Deca Industries
"I have been dealing with Atlas for 22 years. I have seen them consistently deliver quality projects on time and budget. They are experts in the custom forming and fabrication field. Their accuracy in their industry is impressive and very repeatable. Their internal QC systems ensure that everything that leaves their facility meets the customer requirements. They are a very good resource for information when you are stuck with a fabrication problem that you cannot easily solve. Their in-house engineering dept allows them to move ahead quickly on time sensitive mining industry projects."
DG Industrial Ltd
"Atlas Industries Ltd has always been a leader in forming and a strong partner for our company. Big or small, simple or complex, Atlas delivers in both quality and schedule. As well as good honest advice on what solutions are available for certain challenges that our customers put in front of us."
Weldfab Ltd
"We recently approached Atlas with a project requiring a nonstandard stock size to be cut and rolled to very tight tolerances. The project schedule was tight. Atlas provided prompt service, from quoting to drafting and sourcing material. Their pricing was very competitive. The project involved sourcing steel from a mill and having it expedited to the shop. Atlas adhered rigidly to our QC measuring and documentation requirements. Despite the tight project schedule, all the material was delivered to site weeks early. Overall we were very impressed with the workmanship and service provided by Atlas."
Project Coordinator, TRL Mining Construction LP
"Atlas Industries is more than a production fabricator. In my 35-year relationship with the company, we have produced countless projects pertaining to my craft - creating large-scale abstract sculpture in mild steel and stainless. Each project was challenging, yet Atlas rose to the occasion providing in house design and engineering “know-how”. It is an absolute privilege to work with this very special firm now and in the future."
Bentham Artworks Inc
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