Mono-rails are an invaluable feature in process mills for everything from mining to forestry. They allow for overhead hoisting and movement of loads where maintenance and replacement are critical for process equipment.

We’re often asked if we can form mono-rails with tangential straights, multiple curves, and reverse curves. Customers are pleased when informed that we can.  This can eliminate field joints and install times.

We form mono-rails from most s-shapes, and wide flange beams with some capacity limitations.

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Although we can also place mounting holes, it’s important that these be done after the forming is complete as the forming forces are applied on the flange edges and any hole placed before forming will be distorted and can compromise the continuity of curve.

See our structural rolling capacity chart below.

Many hoist bridges that utilize a single beam require a lateral stiffener, often in the form of a cap channel that is fastened to the top of the hoist girder.  Beams have a lot of strength in the vertical axis as long as they are laterally contained.  One advantage of the curved mono-rail is that it has enhanced lateral strength due to the curve.  Often curved mono-rails can be utilized with no lateral cap channels in the curved areas.

We would be pleased to talk with you regarding our capabilities/recommendations regarding your mono-rail hoisting project. 

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