Pulp Mill Maintenance

Rush replacement cone maintenance repair for an Alberta pulp mill.

Cone material was 5/8” thick and needed to be formed in segments that could be easily moved into place at an existing mill. The cone parts were beveled for weld prep and were ready to assembly on site.

Our project management team sent a quotation when the rush RFQ was received. After receipt of order, we prepared shop drawings and purchased the cut pieces. The cone parts were formed and beveled. The collar was rolled and welded with full penetration.


Sourcing the material and delivering the required parts within the deadline.


Considering the short allowable maintenance downtime, and the restrictive work environment space, we worked within very tight tolerances and produced the required parts in 6 business days from receipt of order.

Press Braking

The cone parts were formed in the press with tight tolerances.


The collar of the assembly was rolled, assembled, and welded with a full penetration weld.

Project Management

We proudly completed this rush job and shipped within the deadline. From estimating to drafting and fabrication, our team is ready to help you out with your next project!


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