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Fabrication of spiral staircase for Greenbryre Mansion.

The Greenbryre mansion is located in southeast Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This beautiful house has a touch of class with the huge spiral staircase assembly.

We worked closely with one of the subcontractors of this project to provide consulting & advisory, design & drafting, and fabricating services. Our expert team was on the site, took measurements, developed concept design, and got approvals to start building this piece of art. Our unique fabrication capabilities allowed us to handle the challenging design of this project. We are glad to be a part of this project to support our community with local services.


Forming spiral C10 channels within the tolerances and fabricating the complete unit for ready to install.


Our expert team has provided a full scope of project management to ensure the completion of this job within the project deadline and budget.


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Structural Rolling

Forming spiral channels for any custom design within our roller capacity.

Project Management

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