CanPro Ingredients

New construction and rebuilding services for facility operations from cyclones, fans, airlocks and silage trailers.

CanPro Ingredients from Arborfield Saskatchewan is a leader in providing alfalfa-based animal feed solutions.

Atlas Industries has been working with CanPro for more than 20 years. The original components of their operations were provided by us when this alfalfa plant was built. Since then, we have been serving CanPro Ingredients with many aspects of consulting, project management, design, fabrication, and customer service.


We have been on-site to measure and then design components.


From on-site visits and consulting, design and fabricating, our full scope project management has provided ready-for-install solutions. 


Atlas Industries has many years experience in the industry, and like this project we are ready to recommend what you need for your project.

Project Management

Our project management includes estimating, designing, drafting and fabricating.


When our customer reach out to us, we make sure they get their project done within the project budget and deadline.


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