Bentham Artworks Inc.

We have enjoyed a long and great relationship with Douglas Bentham. He is a local, but world renowned artist.

Our work for him is continually subject to the designer’s eye throughout each process.  We have worked with Doug to bring practical design and engineering support consultation to a number of his builds.

‘Sky Dance’ in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan is a sculpture in painted steel and stainless steel. It was designed to signify this border city as a gateway to Alberta. A structural engineer previously told Douglas the truss-like gate in the trapezoidal shape of the province was deemed “impossible to stand structurally and with adequate strength to withstand wind load.” We were excited to take on this challenge, designing in-house a unique system of knuckle-like joiners which provided reinforcement at the corners.


Figuring out a way to make this sculpture structurally sound presented a tough challenge our experts were excited to solve, creating a unique system for support.


Our metal fabrication capabilities continue to bring Doug’s unique creations to life while maintaining structural integrity.

Structural Rolling

We were able to put the desired radius on a large pipe that the artist specifically requested.


We worked closely with the artist to meet the desired artistic vision while maintaining structurally sound fabrication.

Industry Experience

Atlas Industries proudly provides fabrication services to a number of artists who use metal in their creative design.


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