Cyclone separators are an important component in pneumatic conveyance systems that utilize fan-air to transport products that range from smaller particles like dust up to larger fibers like ground feed or ground plant fibers like Alfalfa, that’s used in feed ingredients for animals.

We recently supplied another Cyclone to Canpro Ingredients from Arborfield Saskatchewan.  Canpro’s primary product is high protein Alfalfa pellets for animal feed.

They required a replacement for one of their cyclone’s that had worn out due to abrasion over the course of many years of use.

The principal task of a cyclone separator is to provide a decrease in air velocity that allows the pneumatically conveyed particles to drop out of the air stream.  The air then vents out of the top of the cyclone while dropping the product through the bottom, often with an airlock as a barrier to stop airflow.  The swirling action inside the separator emulates a cyclone, hence the name.  With the product swirling at high speed around the inside surfaces of the separator, it is critical that all interior surfaces be smooth and uniform.  You can see in the link above that our product is fully rolled(not step-formed in a press brake).  This rolled construction allows for more complete separation of product from air and longer life of the separator itself.

See video of the Canpro site in the link below.

We’ve supplied many products in this, and similar systems, from dryers and fans to piping and rebuilt airlocks.

This particular cyclone was constructed out of ¼” mild steel.  We have built similar units from more abrasive-resistant material.

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