Recently a new Customer asked if we could supply a stainless cooling coil for them.  They had been looking for a company with the capability of tight tolerance and rolling of 2” IPS stainless steel pipe with precisely located tangential straights. 

pipe coil

We worked together with the Customer to understand the technical requirements of their specific project, then we designed a solution that fits within the scope of our equipment capabilities. Likewise, our design team applied their proven method for predicting complex helical shapes for one-process forming of both required diameter and pitch.

stainless pipe coil

We joined together multiple lengths of SS pipe with a STT-Synergic weld procedure, creating a full penetration weld joint. Our rolling technicians used our CNC section roller to create and manage the diameter and the true tangential transition to straight material with nozzle orientation parallel to 0 degrees. (See attached pictures)

We are proud of the skills and experience that our team members use to create solutions for our customers.

If you have a rolling or forming project, we would be pleased to offer any services that will benefit your project.